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Pilates conditions and strengthens the body in an even way. It is based on flowing movement enhancing the awareness of ones own body. Modern Pilates exercises aim to condition the body in the most functional, useful ways and therefore involve not only mat based exercises

but also seated and standing positions.


Pilates is an excellent form of exercise and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It can be particularly beneficial for those with back pain, sports injuries, arthritis and stress related illness, as well as pre and post partum but is also enjoyed by those with the aim of improving their flexibility, muscle tone and posture.

What is Core Stability

The way we train the ‘core’ and develop its strength has progressed and evolved over recent years in light much research done in this area. We aim to  facilitate individuals to move in a way which seems effortless and  is both controlled and efficient. The ‘core’ in the truly modern sense of the word is created by a foundation of stability, mobility, symmetry and balance. These elements combined allow individuals to achieve their full physical and active potential.



Why Physio-Led Pilates?

All of our classes are run by experienced physiotherapists who understand the way in which the body works and to not only optimise performance but also safely manage and rehabilitate people from injury, adapting exercises where necessary to suit the needs of individual participants. We keep our class numbers small to ensure individualised and safe tuition

Our Classes:

We would like anybody and everybody to enjoy our classes, which is why we dont run beginner or advanced classes. Our classes are kept small and intimate to ensure individual attention, progression and the flexibility to try new things whilst under professional supervision. All exercises are taught with layers of difficulty to allow you to select a level which suits and feels good for you. We really want you to explore your body, its' capabilities and learn to move in a way which helps you feel better.

How classes work:

+ Pre-bookable 6 week course

+ Bookable via telephone or email.

+ All classes run by dual qualified physiotherapists and Pilates instructors

+ Dedicated equipped space with all equipment provided (although you are welcome to bring your own)

+ Small classes, with limited spaces.